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Savage Hulk #6: Review

Nov 2014
?, Gabriel Hardman

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Down to the Crossroads: Part Two

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4 stars

Savage Hulk #6 Review by (July 13, 2021)

Review: Very nice wrap-up to the two-part tale even gives new character Becerra something to do, inspiring Strange to think of the solution. She also figures out Ebbin’s last words, though it’s not clear why Ebbin feared Korv—or why he couldn’t just say his name. And Strange would have realized Korv was the bad guy on sight without Ebbin’s warning. I’m also not sure why telling Hulk that he would be alone would be an incentive to getting him to leave. Anyway, it’s an entertaining story despite these few little lapses. And I would have been happy if this “Untold Tales of the Hulk” series had continued.

Comments: Final issue of the series. These two issues mark the only appearance of SHIELD Agent Becerra. Written by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, who also receive brief bios on the recap page. Issue includes an ad for THANOS VS. HULK.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Savage Hulk #6 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

On the planet Decopodia, Hulk is feasting on the husks of the world’s natives. Doctor Strange tries to persuade Hulk to return to the Crossroads, but the savage Hulk tries to kill him. Strange casts a spell to return them to the Crossroads but there is a blanket counter-spell keeping anyone from leaving the planet; the only exception would be Hulk’s subconscious fail-safe spell but Hulk has to want that. Strange and SHIELD Agent Becerra return to the city—but it looks quite different. They enter the city center and find a debate going on over the newest weapon to destroy Hulk; something is wrong though: they speak of the Hulk as though he had been the city’s enemy for millennia and the robot destroyed only a few hours ago as an historical event. Becerra tells Strange that what the Hulk was eating in the cave wasn’t the locals but some sort of fruit. Strange figures it all out: Hulk arrived on the planet when the inhabitants were still pre-conscious animals, their evolution has gone by at an amazing rate, driven by the fear of the Hulk. The now-elderly Korv, the new Sorcerer Supreme, who was Ebbin’s apprentice (see last issue), unveils their latest anti-Hulk weapon—the Gamma bomb. Strange and Becerra try to dissuade Korv but he is adamant about nuking Hulk. Becerra realizes that Ebbin’s last words were actually, “Beware my successor” i.e. Korv. Then Hulk smashes through the city’s restraining wall and Korv’s plan is revealed: he plans on the city being wiped out by the Gamma bomb with the survivors being transformed into Hulk-like warriors, led by Korv (who can protect himself from the blast with magic). Becerra gives Strange the idea for the solution: he tells Hulk what will happen if the bomb detonates: he will be alone in this world. Hulk seizes the bomb and speaks the fail-safe, sending him to the Crossroads with the bomb which he releases into an uninhabited world. The Puffball Collective is happy to see him. Strange then tells the Decopodians that the Hulk is gone forever, Korv should be locked up, and their world can now achieve even greater things without a constant enemy.

Strange and Becerra return to the Congressional Committee meeting where Becerra testifies that Dr. Strange can be trusted….

Gabriel Hardman
Gabriel Hardman
Jordan Boyd
Gabriel Hardman (Cover Penciler)
Gabriel Hardman (Cover Inker)
Jordan Boyd (Cover Colorist)


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)

(Bruce Banner)

Plus: Puffball Collective.

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