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Thor #210: Review

Apr 1973
Gerry Conway, Don Perlin

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The Hammer and the Hellfire!

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4 stars

Thor #210 Review by (November 23, 2022)

Review: An action-filled issue of the type they did best in the 1970s. Thor and his troll enemy Ulik bash one another for about half of the page count while the trolls execute a plan to get rid of Mjolnir. Not a lot of plot but what’s there is a lot of fun. Oh, and if no one unworthy can lift Mjolnir—can they lift Thor while he is holding Mjolnir? Looks like that is possible. And so is carrying a magnetic plate holding Mjolnir. Wonder if they ever closed this loophole?

Comments: Part one of two parts. Ulik calls this his third encounter with Thor; the first was in issues #137-139 and the second #151-154. This issue and the next mark the only appearances of Troll queen Ulla. Troll king Geirrodur’s name is misspelled “Gierrodur” in this issue and the next. Sif went away with Karnilla the Norn Queen in issue #207.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #210 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Ulik, troll champion, mocks his King Geirrodur for having created Mjolnir, Thor’s invincible weapon which he has always used to defeat the trolls. Ulik’s plan is to destroy Thor’s hammer, making him vulnerable and he will implement this plan whether the King likes it or not….

Thor, seeking a place to rest while searching for the missing Sif, settles down in North Korea. Their army, fearing an American invasion, attacks him but the God of Thunder easily scares them off with a display of his strength and goes to sleep. In the night, trolls emerge from the ground, pick up Thor (holding Mjolnir) and teleport back underground to their lands. Thor awakens and starts bashing trolls; Ulik arrives and the fight really takes off with a bang. The two bash each other in a cavern for several pages while the Troll King and his peace-loving bride Ulla watch. Trolls bring out a huge magnetized slab of Uru which tears Thor’s hammer from his belt unawares; they put the Uru slab on a wagon and cart it off. Soon Thor discovers his hammer is gone and Ulik tries to bash him, taking advantage of his confusion; Queen Ulla calls out a warning and Thor escapes injury. All are surprised at her cry, even Ulla herself. Thor decks Ulik and dashes off after his hammer. As the sixty seconds count down until he returns to his Don Blake form, he sees the trolls dump the Uru slab into a huge furnace and, without hesitation, he leaps in after it. Ulik proclaims Thor’s death and announces the invasion of the surface world….

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Don Perlin
Vince Colletta
Glynis Oliver
Gil Kane (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: John Buscema. Letterer: John Costanza.


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