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Thor #330: Review

Apr 1983
Alan Zelenetz, Bob Hall

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The Coming of the Crusader!

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3.5 stars

Thor #330 Review by (July 13, 2020)

Review: Religion is a very difficult topic for a comic book to address, yet they seem to keep trying. This one picks up the natural question: Thor is a god so shouldn’t he have worshippers? The issue does recognize a wide variety of viewpoints on the topic but most of them make those holding them look crazy. And though the main villain, a demented Roman Catholic who believes it is his mission to wipe out unbelievers (even though praying to one’s ancestors is hardly a Catholic doctrine), spouts a lot of pseudo-Christian verbiage, the most tolerant and decent person in the tale is his priest, Father William, so as to avoid negatively stereotyping Christians/Catholics. Rather decent of them; times have grown less tolerant with Marvel seeming to hire only atheists these days and putting Jason Aaron in charge of Thor. More next issue.

Goofiest Note: Don Blake trying to teach Sif to speak in modern English rather than her natural Old English. Wait, English? Aren’t these people from Norway? Why don’t Thor and company speak in Scandinavian accents? (Which they totally do in the Thor parody in THE INFERIOR FIVE #4 in 1967.) Maybe this should have been the issue addressed rather than the religious one.

Comments: Part one of two parts. First appearance/origin of the Crusader (Arthur Blackwood) and Peleus (Polowski). Jane Byrne was Mayor of Chicago from April 1979 to April 1983. The Key to the City is an honor bestowed upon esteemed residents and visitors.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #330 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Flying through Chicago, Thor sees a large crowd watching a woman standing atop a high building and threatening to jump. When the young lady sees Thor approaching, she leaps and Thor easily catches her and puts her on the ground. Then, to Thor’s surprise, the young woman and her friends offer Thor worship. Thor is questioned by a news reporter and denies knowledge of the group and insists he does not want to be worshipped, flying off hastily….

At Blackwood Seminary, student Arthur Blackwood, descendant of the school’s founder, sees this on television and is outraged, demanding that his fellow students fight these pagan infidels. Arthur is rebuked by Father William, who explains that tolerance is the modern way. Outraged, Blackwood slaps the priest and is dismissed from the school….

At home, Sif wants to know why Donald Blake and Thor reject his worship; Don explains that Thor came to Midgard to help people, not to be revered. Then Mayor Byrne appears on TV to invite the God of Thunder to a ceremony in which he will be presented with the Key to the City in recognition for all the good he’s done. Don thinks it will be a great opportunity to set things straight….

That night, Arthur Blackwood has caretaker Polowski admit him to the cemetery where he can commune with his ancestors; he calls upon his father who appears to him and rebukes him for cowardice, telling him to uphold his duty as a warrior for the faith. Arthur has a vision of King Richard the Lionhearted leading his army of crusaders; the King bathes him in fire, leaving a sword, a shield, and armor. Arthur dubs Polowski his squire Peleus and devotes himself to ridding the world of Thor….

Interlude: a mysterious fellow comes to Don’s office looking for him and asking rude questions….

The next day, the ceremony is attended by large groups both for and against the honor for Thor. The news media interviews several people, including Father William Boylan, and receives a wide range of opinions on Thor and religion in general. Thor arrives and is presented with the Key to the City but his speech is interrupted by the Crusader challenging the hero to battle. The crowd erupts into strife that Thor tries to stop with a lightning bolt, insisting he be the one to face the enemy preaching violence. They spar and Thor is startled that his foe is very fast and his shield withstands Mjolnir’s blows. It’s when the Crusader slashes Thor’s face that he loses his temper and redoubles his efforts….

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Bob Hall
Vince Colletta
George Roussos
Bob Hall (Cover Penciler)
Brett Breeding (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
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