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Thor #407: Review

Sep 1989
Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz

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Menace of the Living Universe

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5 stars

Thor #407 Review by (May 12, 2021)

Review: Some spectacular sci-fi action in the Lee-Kirby vein and a tribute to both; even the cover is a clear homage to Jack, thanks to Joe Sinnott, Kirby’s longtime inker. Not a lot to say as the issue speaks for itself. So, I’ll speak for myself: Tres cool!

Comments: Part two of three parts. Hercules and the High Evolutionary vanished during the Evolutionary War event, specifically AVENGERS ANNUAL #17. Thor officially abandons the guise of Sigurd Jarlson, last seen in issue #402. Ron Frenz and Tom DeFalco collaborated on the plot.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #407 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

On a planetoid in the Black Galaxy, Thor, Eric Masterson, and the New Men see that the discorporated High Evolutionary and Hercules have become merged with the fabric of reality. One of the New Men explains that the Black Galaxy is composed of living matter—a bio-verse. Then the planetoid starts breaking up and a couple of the New Men die in their attempt to escape. Thor creates a wind shield to protect them from the upheaval but an approaching spaceship is destroyed by the debris. Its sole occupant ejects to reach Thor and company: a Recorder who tells Thor that Hercules and the High Evolutionary are the likely cause of all of the upheavals—and that the Rigellians had teleported the Null Bomb into the Black Galaxy to destroy it. Thor intends to stop that destruction and the Recorder offers to aid Thor. The God of Thunder summons the bag carrying his battle armor, which Eric recognizes as belonging to Sigurd Jarlson. As he dons the armor, Thor explains that he was Sigurd and he is now beyond needing a mortal identity so he abandons “Sigurd.” As they head on their quest for the Null Bomb, they are attacked by antibodies; Thor generates an impenetrable cocoon to protect them and also create a cone of energy to transport them far away. The last remaining New Man warns Thor about his return to Wundagore but falls silent as he falls though a yellow membrane. Thor follows and discovers the man has aged to death and dissolved into dust; then Thor realizes he has aged too and now has a white beard. Thor, Eric, and the Recorder reach the misty planetoid where the Recorder has detected the bomb. Landing on the planet, they discover the rocks are alive and secrete acid. The Recorder’s legs are destroyed and Eric’s battle armor is ruined. They climb a huge mountain in search of the bomb and discover a Celestial—and that the bomb will detonate in five seconds. Thor uses Mjolnir to absorb all of the Null energy and direct it into a steam of cosmic force, firing it out of the galaxy to reignite a dying sun. They then find that Herc and H.E. are trapped in giant containers; Thor breaks them open, releasing their occupants and the Celestial hurls the rock they are standing on out of the Black Galaxy to safety in their own universe. The Celestial has also healed them of their injures and Herc and H.E. are all right. None of them has any idea what the Celestial wanted them for or why. Recorder contacts Rigel to request a ride home.

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Ron Frenz
Joe Sinnott
Mike Rockwitz
Ron Frenz (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: Ron Frenz. Letterer: Mike Heisler.


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