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Thor #413: Review

Jan 1990
Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz

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Within Me Dwells A Monster!

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4 stars

Thor #413 Review by (June 29, 2021)

Review: Pretty cool issue as the problem of Thor’s dizzy spells is resolved in a fairly ordinary way: it’s Loki, duh. This sends Thor shooting out of his own comic to wrap up the mini-event Acts of Vengeance. The custody soap opera continues while Herc is having fits of cowardice. Herc goes after Ulik and Thor catches up to him next issue. The coolest part of the issue? Seeing Ulik in a nicely tailored Italian suit and wraparound sunglasses. He’s ready to head to a nightclub!

Comments: First story: Part one of two parts, with a side trip to AVENGERS WEST COAST #55 to wrap up the Acts of Vengeance. Ron Frenz and Tom DeFalco collaborated on the plot. Second story: Part three of three parts.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #413 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Eric Masterson is bowing under the pressure of being the new human identity of Thor, God of Thunder. He is worried by the increasing spells of weakness lately afflicting Thor, while concerned that a group of supervillains has been targeting heroes. He changes into Thor—and pops up on the radar of the Mystery Villain behind the Acts of Vengeance….

Eric returns home to be greeted by his son Kevin, who is aware of his divorced parents’ custody battle for him. Hercules takes the boy out to look at the constellations while Susan Austin hints at Eric marrying her to provide a stable family for the boy but her delicacy makes Eric think she wants him to give custody over to his ex. Then Jackie Lukus arrives and drags Eric out to a meeting. On the balcony, Hercules, gazing at the stars, is suddenly overcome with the feeling of fear (which started in issue #409)….

Later, Eric, leaving Jackie at her house, sees a news headline about Doctor Strange and thinks the Sorcerer Supreme may be able to help his divine alter ego. The next day, Eric and Herc head to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Eric changes to Thor and he and Herc are ushered into the presence of Dr. Strange by Wong….

The Mystery Villain dispatches Ulik the Troll to take on the two gods, giving him an enchanted enhancer to boost his strength and sending him through a portal near Strange’s domicile. From inside the building, Hercules sees Ulik hammering at the magic force field protecting the house. Feeling fearful and needing to prove his courage to himself, Herc goes out to face the intruder, following after as Ulik runs away….

Dr. Strange has put Thor into a trance of inner questing. The Thunder God finds himself in a dark and gloomy version of Asgard, accompanied by Strange in his astral form. Suddenly he is attacked by his own doppelganger, wearing his battle armor. Then Strange discovers Eric nearby, both confused as to how he got there. The two Thors fight it out, each with their own Mjolnir. Bad Thor topples a mountain on Good Thor and is shocked that the hero emerges unharmed. Thor then unmasks his enemy as Loki. And we learn that the Mystery Villain is Loki, having loaned some of his power to Thor during the Seth War (issue #398) and established a bond between them. Having his demon exorcised, Thor thanks Strange and, leaving Hercules to his own devices, heads off to warn the Avengers about Loki’s scheme—which is exactly what Loki wanted him to do….

Story continues in AVENGERS WEST COAST #55.

“Defiance Means Death!”
Writer: Tom DeFalco. Pencils: Ron Lim. Inks: Mike DeCarlo. Colors: Nel Yomtov. Letters: Michael Heiser.
Synopsis: A vengeful Beta Ray Bill fights his way through the slaveship, bashing everyone in his path. Captain Orack forces the other slaves to blast Bill with a psychic wave so Bill smashes though every wall to reach them and Orack. Bill encourages the slaves to rebel; Orack insists that he is in command and they must obey. Bill is knocked down and the slaves blast Orack into a heap. Bill returns to the Great Fleet as the former slaves use the ship to return to their homeworlds, powered by Orack and his men….

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Ron Frenz
Joe Sinnott
Nel Yomtov
Ron Frenz (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Michael Heisler.


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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)

(Loki Laufeyson)


Plus: Jackie Lukus, Susan Austin.

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