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Thor #435: Review

Aug 1991
Tom DeFalco, Al Milgrom

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The Power of Thor

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4.5 stars

Thor #435 Review by (January 18, 2022)

Review: A nice cover pun introduces an action-packed adventure wherein the heroes battle Annihilus, always a vicious foe in the sci-fi oriented comics. The tale is exciting, with the tension between rookie Thor Eric and hostile Sif throwing the good guys’ mojo off. They win in the end but it’s close and Eric is booted back to Earth as soon as possible to address the next major challenge to the fledgling Thunder God, which he is also going to bungle. Stay tuned.

Comments: Part two of two parts. Herein, Leena Moran is revealed to be the Enchantress, though I’ve already spoiled it in several synopses. First appearance of Robert “Bobby” Steele who will be seen frequently in this title and then THUNDERSTRIKE. And don’t worry about Annihilus, he returns in INFINITY GAUNTLET #5. Ron Frenz and Tom DeFalco collaborated on the plot.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #435 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Heimdall uses his extraordinary senses to scan the Negative Zone and finally to locate Annihilus who is siphoning a tiny bit of the captive Odin’s life force, adding it to his Cosmic Control Rod to make himself immortal. Heimdall rallies the troops to attack the enemy base but Eric Masterson suggests a more subtle approach, which confuses the assembled warriors….

In a New York hospital, Leena Moran visits the comatose Susan Austin and reveals herself to be the Enchantress in disguise. She also ponders whether Susan poses a threat to her and thus must be killed or not. Amora adopts a wait and see attitude….

Thor, Sif, and Balder arrive at Annihilus’s asteroid base, with Sif being openly hostile towards Eric, whom she considers unworthy to take the place of her beloved Thor Odinson. They enter the base quietly but are instantly enclosed in a huge glass bubble with the insect-trolls on their way to kill them. Thor breaks though the bubble with Mjolnir and they battle the monsters; Thor seizes the mega-gun and shoots down all of the trolls yet Sif calls using such a weapon demeaning for an Asgardian. A giant flying metal fist strikes at them, smashing Thor into the wall while round spongelike creatures bury Balder and Sif under their masses. Thor pulls himself out of the wall and smashes the fist to bits with a blow from Mjolnir, then conjures up a gale-force wind to dispel the multiplying sponges. When Sif sees him with his helmet, she is stricken by his resemblance to her beloved Thor and quickly demands he cover his face again….

Back in New York, Eric Masterson is fired from his job for his chronic absenteeism. Jackie Lukus goes over to Eric’s home looking for him and encounters a mystery man also seeking Eric. He declines to leave a name and departs….

Thor uses Mjolnir to seek out Odin and they discover the All-Father in a huge metal casket. Annihilus appears on the scene, boasting that he has used Odin’s life-essence to make himself immortal. Thor battles the villain while Sif and Balder rush Odin to a nearby spaceship. Annihilus uses his Cosmic Control Rod to blast Thor down; Sif returns to aid Thor and is likewise defeated. Thor hurls Mjolnir straight at the Rod and hustles Sif to safety; the device explodes, apparently killing Annihilus. Eric is distraught over having killed a foe; Sif rebukes him and vows a blood oath to locate Thor….

Back in Asgard, Heimdall thanks Thor for his service and, reminding Eric that he is guardian of Midgard, teleports him back to Earth….

Meanwhile, the mystery man returns, looking for Eric….

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Al Milgrom
Al Milgrom
Mike Rockwitz
Ron Frenz (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Layouts: Ron Frenz. Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos.


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(Balder the Brave)

(Eric Masterson)

Plus: Bobby Steele, Jackie Lukus, Susan Austin.

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