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Thor #474: Review

May 1994
Roy Thomas, Sandu Florea

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When Mountains Walked

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4 stars

Thor #474 Review by (October 11, 2023)

Review: And here Roy Thomas does what he does best: remembering cool stuff from decades ago that can be brought back profitably. This issue serves as an interlude in the story arc as it consists of Thor recalling an incident from the past which may have some relevance to the ongoing adventure. Enjoyable if unexceptional tale is just a nice “Tales of Asgard” candidate. And dig that flying mattress!

Comments: Part three of four parts. Hermod Odinson was introduced in THOR #275 and appears intermittently over the years. Mogul of the Mystic Mountain appeared from THOR #137 to #145, along with his monstrous minions; this is his first appearance since then and is seen again only in AVENGERS PRIME #5. Shezada’s only previous appearance was in THOR #143; Abu Dakir’s in THOR #139-140; this is the last appearance for both. Alibar previously appeared in THOR #141-145; this is his final appearance. Alibar and Alaeddin are designed to recall Ali Baba and Aladdin of Arabian folklore.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #474 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Thor’s mind goes back to the epic days of old Asgard, times which will never be again….

Thor wrestles Volstagg while all those who witness the contest place bets on the outcome. Sif, Balder, and Fandral stand by. Thor hoists Volstagg high over his head but he slips on the wet floor, bringing Volstagg down upon him, pinning him to the ground. Then the messenger Hermod dashes in, warning them all of the coming of Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, before he collapses from his injuries. Then Heimdall’s horn sounds and the warriors gather to see the mountain Zandu, Mogul’s stronghold, levitating through the skies. It is preceded by the giant last Jinni, the cyclops Ogur, and the metallic bull-man Mutaurus, as well as the forty Demon-Riders. Odin is absent in his Odinsleep so Thor leads the forces of Asgard to battle….

Withing mystic Zandu, Mogul views his enemies as shown on a crystal screen by his advisor Abu Dakir. Hogun and the city’s former ruler Alibar are prisoners shackled to the wall as was Hermod who escaped with a warning for Asgard. Alibar relates how, the first time Mogul was defeated by Thor and the Asgardians, Alibar was made ruler of that land, and Mogul imprisoned in an enchanted rod. But Mogul’s slinky sister Shezada seduced him and while he was distracted, she freed her brother from the rod and he reclaimed his kingdom….

Mogul leads his forces atop his sky-craft (which resembles a flying mattress) against the Asgardians led by Thor. The Thunder God takes on the giant Jinni. Fandral challenges the ogre Ogur and it charges him, braining itself on a low hanging rock. Similarly, Volstagg flees the Mutaurus, tricking it into crashing into a pair of massive boulders. Thor, held in the Jinni’s clutches, summons an overcast sky, the darkness causing the Jinni to dissolve into smoke. The army battles the Demon-Riders as Thor leaps atop Mogul’s sky-craft to confront the villain. Sif and Balder race into the palace of Zandu to retrieve the enchanted rod but Shezada destroys it; the witch overlooks a nearby lamp which Alibar reveals is the lamp of Alaeddin. The heroes take it outside and ask Thor if he is willing to sacrifice himself to defeat Mogul. Thor agrees, Alibar speaks the incantation and the villain is drawn into the lamp; Thor is as well but manages to miss the opening. Thor then seals the lamp. Alibar returns the mountain to its foundations….

Thor wonders if his new companions, the High Evolutionary’s Godpack and the wonders of Wundagore can ever replace Asgard in his heart….

Characters: Thor, Sif, Volstagg, Balder, Fandral, Heimdall, Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, Loki, Hogun, High Evolutionary, Godpack, Blitziana

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Sandu Florea
Bob Petrecca
Ovi Hondru
Sandu Florea (Cover Penciler)
Sandu Florea (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: John Workman.


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(Balder the Brave)

(Hogun the Grim)

(Loki Laufeyson)


Plus: Godpack (Godlings), Mogul of the Mystic Mountain.

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