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Warlock and the Infinity Watch #21: Review

Oct 1993
Jim Starlin, Tom Grindberg

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The god and the brute

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4 stars

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #21 Review by (February 19, 2023)
This is a tie-in to Infinity Crusade and parallels #5. The nova at the end is caused by Goddess at the finale of IC#5.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #21 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue features Drax The Destroyer of the Infinity Watch in combat with Thor. Hulk was with him in Infinity Crusade #5 but his jetpack got broken and now he's falling towards Paradise Omega. He hopes Drax can keep the Thunder God occupied and stop him from joining Goddess' other believers in opposing the superheroes who have come to the planet on the far side of the Sun to stop her plan (whatever it is).

The other 2 powerhouses continue to trade blows while Thor declaims in mock-Shakespearian mode which brain-damaged Drax can't understand. Thor thinks his hammer has sent the Destroyer off into space but Drax returns to pummel him and make comments about his funny speech and funny hat. Thor summons lightning to strike him but the behemoth shrugs it off and sends a blast from his hand.

Then Goddess' spokes-priestess Moondragon mentally contacts Thor and summons him back to help defend the Cathedral, but he says he's busy. She tells him he can never defeat Drax because he has the Power Gem and subconsciously uses it to give him more and more strength. For Thor that's like a red rag to a bull, but Heather Douglas urges him to use his brain which *must* be superior to Drax's. Lose him and come to the Cathedral. But Thor had renounced his allegiance to Odin because he found him unworthy (Thor #461) and he had vowed to be no-one's pawn since then. And this now enables him to throw off the belief that Goddess had instilled in him. But he still returns to fighting Drax.

Moondragon is in the Cathedral's control centre manned by Multiple Man's multiple selves. She contacts Goddess who is in the Cosmic Egg at the centre of Paradise Omega preparing for the Rapture. Goddess isn't too surprised that Thor's Asgardian spirit was too strong to tame. Besides which she knows that he's currently insane (in the current Thor storyline). She just urges Heather Douglas to defend the place for a few more minutes and then the heroes will be too late.

Thor is still intent on humbling Drax who continues to refuse to be beaten. He makes the Thunder God miss catching Mjolnir and tries to pick it up. He fails of course until Thor bids it rise and return to him. They resume the fight for several wordless pages until they notice that the Sun is getting bigger and brighter. Drax thinks it's pretty but Thor realises it's gone nova. And they get blasted by it.

Tom Grindberg
Bob Almond
Ian Laughlin
Tom Grindberg (Cover Penciler)
Bob Almond (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jack Morelli.
Editor: Craig Anderson. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.


(Drax the Destroyer)

(Bruce Banner)


Plus: Goddess, Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man).

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