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Incredible Hulk #106: Review

Aug 1968
Roy Thomas, Marie Severin

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Above The Earth, A Titan Rages!

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #106 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First appearance of Nick Fury in a Hulk's issue. Herb Trimpe is also a penciler in this issue.


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Incredible Hulk #106 Synopsis by Gaetan Marcon
Image from Incredible Hulk #106
Betty Ross is confused. The man she loves, Bruce Banner, has jumped from her car while transforming into the incredible Hulk and has been missing since. A policeman informs her that she should move out of the neighborhood for her protection. The Hulk had been seen fighting a monster fiercer than him. 

Rushing past the blockade, Betty rushes her car into the Missing Link, helping Major Glenn Talbot, Rick Jones and Banner escape a radioactive assault by the creature. As General Thunderbolt Ross mobilizes the forces of SHIELD under the supervision of Colonel Nick Fury, Major Talbot spirits Betty Ross away from the wreckage of her car. 

When the Missing Link frees himself from the metallic wreck, he seizes Banner's arm and his radioactive contact turns him once more into the Hulk. The ongoing conflict between the two creatures covers Talbot's escape with Jones and Betty Ross. The fight is eventually cut short by the appearance of a helicarrier which captures both monsters under the thankful stare of General Thunderbolt Ross. His rejoicing is short lived when an astounded Fury arrives on the scene with his strike force, ready to tackle the now missing Hulk. 

The helicarrier was, in fact, a Russian craft under the command of Colonel Yuri Brevlov sent to retrieve both monsters to be either studied or destroyed. When the gas used to domesticate the Hulk wears off, the monster's rampage leads him outside the ship, high above the Earth. Yuri Brevlov decides to square off against the Hulk, but the freed Missing Link's body reaches critical mass and explodes, ripping the helicarrier in two. 

Brevlov and the Hulk plummet to their death but are saved in extremes by the retreating men of the Russian super-spy.

As the Hulk takes his leave, the Red ship fires upon a nearby farm, forcing the green goliath to save a young boy from the flaming debris of his house. Against his better judgment, Brevlov plans to use a destructive beam against Hulk, even though he now protects an innocent child.

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Marie Severin
George Tuska
Marie Severin (Cover Penciler)


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