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Incredible Hulk Annual #19: Review

Sep 1993
Peter David, Kirk Jarvinen

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Dead Man's Hand

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk Annual #19 Review by (February 15, 2010)
This is a pretty good introduction to Lazarus. It's almost like a double feature comic since the first two stories are Part 1 & 2 of meeting Lazarus. The last story is a bit silly. But that doesnt make me mad.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk Annual #19 Synopsis by Jon Ryser
Hector recounts to Hulk / Banner a battle he recently had with a yet unknown enemy called "Lazarus". During the battle, Lazarus told Hector to stop doing business with Hunter Technologies. The Hulk conspires with Jack Cameron of Hunter Technologies to set a trap for Lazarus; Ulysses is the bait. When Lazarus takes the bait and begins to defeat Ulysses, the Hulk shows up. Lazarus takes off after stabbing the Hulk in the leg with Ulysses' sword.

Lazarus appears at Hunter Technologies. While he attacks Jack Cameron, Rosalind Hunter walks in. Lazarus accuses them of murdering Todd Hunter, former owner of Hunter Technologies and of sending super-powered mercenaries after him. The Hulk arrives following a tracking device he had stuck on Lazarus in the earlier fight. He stops Lazarus from killing Cameron and Rosalind, but Cameron shoots Lazarus to stop him from revealing the murder of Todd Hunter.

In a last ditch effort; Lazarus pulls the whole building down. While the Hulk is saving Rosalind, Lazarus shoots Jack Cameron in the head. The Hulk makes Rosalind tell the police everything, even her role in Todd Hunter's murder. The Hulk chases after Lazarus (he still has a bug on him.) The tracking device leads the Hulk to a cemetery, to Todd Hunter's tombstone. The tracking unit's there but Lazarus is nowhere to be seen.

Story #2

Still Dead

Writer: Peter David. Penciler: Paul Pelletier. Inker: Tom Mandrake. Colorist: Sarra Mossoff.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hank Hunter (Todd Hunter's son) is looking at the wreckage of his father's home. Lazarus stands by watching him. Hank gets back in his car and his chased by Tommy, Simon, and Wendall. Lazarus is going to follow when Hulk shows up. They fight. Lazarus throws Hulk at a ferris wheel and takes off after Hank while Hulk saves the people on the ferris wheel. Meanwhile, Hank crashes his car and is pulled out of the wreckage by his pursuers. He owes a lot of money. They don't think he is really going to pay it back so shoot him in the head. Lazarus stops the bullet in mid-air saving Hanks life! Lazarus then kills Tommy and Wendall by dropping their car on them. Hulk arrives at the scene to find only Simon begging him to not let the "guy in the helmet" hurt him; he'll turn state's evidence, tell all about his boss. Lazarus has taken Hank to a hospital. Hank asks for a loan and Lazarus hits him telling him to "grow up and get a job!" Lazarus flies away.

Story #3

A Town Called Hulk

Writer: Ron Fortier. Penciler: Paul Pelletier. Inker: Bob Cram Jr.. Colorist: John Kalisz.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

The new Mayor Buddy LaRue has convinced the small town of Dustpit, Arizona to change its name to Hulk. They think it will attract tourists. The Abomination shows up looking for Hulk. Then Titania flies down in a spaceship with Gargantua. She demands that they find Hulk. Buddy LaRue tells Abomination that it's all a big jonke. The super-villains don't believe him and start tearing the town apart looking for Hulk. The sheriff tries to stop them but Titania knocks them flat. After leveling the whole town, they realize that Hulk isn't there and leave. The town-folk are angry and ready to lynch Buddy LaRue. He runs away saying he has a business appointment in Alaska. His ditsy wife wants to go to Alaska too. All the town-folk leave because everything is destroyed: buildings, businesses and their homes. Hulk arrives at the location where a town called Hulk is supposed to be. There is nothing but rubble. He thinks it must have been some kind of joke. "Who would be dumb enough to name a town Hulk?"

Kirk Jarvinen
Brad Vancata
Marie Javins
Kirk Jarvinen (Cover Penciler)


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(Bruce Banner)

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