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Incredible Hulk Annual #26: Review

Sep 2001
Erik Larsen, Jorge Lucas

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The Hammer Strikes

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk Annual #26 Review by (February 15, 2010)
It is officialy revealed that the Hulk is stronger than Thor, but Thor is more powerful. Other inkers: Al Vey and Greg Adams.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk Annual #26 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
The Hulk is attacked by Fialan (seemingly died in TIH #148), Mandroids and the US armed forces. But Jade Jaws defeats them all, and leaves the city in ruins. Fighter planes follow the Hulk, and Thor shows up before the Gamma spawned Man-Monster can destroy them.

The battle between mortal and god starts in a forest but moves to a construction site; people could get hurt. So Thor uses his enchanted hammer to transport himself and the Hulk to a far away planet. The Hulk throws Thor against a hillside, which crumbles down and buries the God of Thunder. The Hulk leaps away and lands on quicksand but is able to free himself by splashing it.

While eating alien fruit, the Hulk is attacked by a huge monster. The Hulk defeats it and causes a negative reaction among hundreds of small aliens who also battle the Hulk, and are also defeated.

Bleeding, Thor comes out from under the rocks and manages to locate the Hulk. This time using Mjolnir, Thor hits the Hulk in his fist as the Hulk was trying to punch Thor. The Hulk can't hide his pain, and from behind, Thor hammers the Hulk on the head. As the Hulk rises from the attack, Thor hits him with lightning and finally knocks the Hulk out.

Thor grabs the Hulk and uses his hammer to travel back to Earth. But the Hulk wakes up, hits Thor and they fall to a planet where all creatures are nice to the monster. Thor realizes that the Hulk is kind to the creatures as well. The lack of oxygen triggers the transformation, and the Hulk turns into Banner. Since Thor can't leave Banner to die, he takes Banner back to Earth.

As they are arriving, Banner freaks out and turns into his stronger self who hits Thor to the ground, and punches him until the God of Thunder doesn't move. Thinking he has won, the Hulk departs. But a bleeding Thor rises again and uses his hammer to create a huge storm which causes a terrible flood that endangers a whole town. The Hulk saves some people and tells Thor that he only fights those who attack him; then he leaves. Thor is repentant of his actions, and stays to fix the problem he has caused.

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Jorge Lucas
Al Milgrom


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(Bruce Banner)


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