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Incredible Hulk Annual #23: Review

Sep 1998
Terry Kavanagh, Chris Cross

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X-Man / Hulk: Call Of The Wild

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk Annual #23 Synopsis by Mike Kingwell
Nate Grey has recently lost his telepathic powers and is experiencing the world without his mind reading abilities. He is very hungry and tired. At a Dallas hospital, Rick Jones is making a recovery from the Hulk's blow also recently dealt to him. Bruce is mourning the death of his wife. The Hulk rages to the grand canyon to dish out some frustration, and get some space. He hears voices, not Betty's as he would have liked it to be though. The voice leads the Hulk to a stonehenge, where the voice is revealed to be Thanos.

Nearby a truck where a sleeping Nate Grey is residing drives past and Nate decides to invesitgate the henge. The Hulk warns Nate to stay out of his way, as him and Thanos aren't finished talking. Thanos offers the Hulk power, but Nate interferes before the Hulk can accept it. Thanos' true agenda however was to gain a link to someone outside the henge so he could be free of his prison. He captures Nate and uses his power however, zapping the Hulk, severly burning him. Nate can't keep up fighting Thanos, so he tranfers his psi-armor to the now recovered Hulk. Nate recreates the configuration of the henge and tells the Hulk to drive Thanos back inside of it. The Hulk pounds away as Thanos is sucked in along with Nate. Hulk loses his psi-armor and Nate is thrown back out of the henge gateway and onto solid ground, leaving him feeling very hungry again.

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Chris Cross
Hector Collazo


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