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Incredible Hulk Annual #18: Review

Sep 1992
Peter David, Kevin Maguire

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Four On The Floor

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3 stars

Incredible Hulk Annual #18 Review by (February 15, 2010)
What a great annual. Some really cool stories. "Things To Come" is not a Hulk story. You need to read Namor Annual #2 to continue "Four On The Floor".


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk Annual #18 Synopsis by Jon Ryser
Lucian Aster has released a book called "Spelling Made Easy". He's selling it as a book of necromancy for the layman. In a mall in Reno, a demon goes on a rampage. Rick Jones is there with Marlo Chandler and the Hulk. After defeating the demon, it turns into a girl and the Sub-Mariner's mind is transfered to Rick Jones. Far away in the cosmos, the Silver Surfer has a premonition of danger to the Earth (given to him by a demon) and heads that direction to help.

At the Mount, the Pantheon's Paris reads aloud from "Spelling Made Easy" and transforms into a demon. At Betty Ross and Marlo's, Marlo reads aloud from "Spelling Made Easy" and transforms into a demon as well.

Doctor Strange, Namor (in Rick Jones' body), and the Hulk battle the demons Paris and Marlo while trying not to hurt them. The Hulk uses electricity to turn them back to themselves. Ulysses takes Paris with him back to the Mount to research the book "Spelling Made Easy". The rest agrees that it is time for the Defenders to reunite! Close with the man behind the demons. He is obviously wearing Sub-Mariner's body. He has (via the book "Spelling Made Easy") transformed flocks of people into demons to help his cause... Bringing forth The Wild One!

**Continued in Namor Annual #2

Story #2

Mano a Mano

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

The Hulk and the Thing are at the "Last Chance Bar" in the middle of nowhere. They begin to arm-wrestle. They are attacked by a slew of super-villains; they don't even notice. They are so wrapped up in their arm wrestling, that they can't be bothered by their enemies. Mentallo (who has organized the attack) recognizes how embarrassing this is and calls the attackers off. He then drops a bomb on the bar. Hulk and Thing are STILL arm-wrestling amidst the wreckage. Their chairs collapse, breaking their concentration. They agree to try again next week and walk away.

Story #3

Things To Come

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Agamemnon tells Delphi that 500 years in the future Dracchiss will try to conquer the world. He explains that they have vowed to protect the world, even the future world. He tells her to find out more so they can prepare for Dracchiss. By seeking him in her pool, she unwhittingly frees him from his extra-demensional prison in the future! The whole Pantheon fights him but he defeats each one of them. Agamemnon says that Delphi is the key to defeating Dracchiss. Achilles knocks him into the pool and Delphi sends him back to the future but in to space. They have gotten rid of him forever, saving worlds; present and future. Agamemnon informs Delphi that this was as he had planned. He knew that Dracchis would escape his prison in the future and cost millions of lives. By prematurely pulling him out and defeating him, they saved everyone.

Story #4

Nobody Loves The Hulk: Take One

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Rick Jones and his band are in the studio. They record a song called "Nobody Loves The Hulk" in one take. The song counts from 10 to 1 through a few of Hulks enemies. Hulk gives Rick a hard time about the song.

Story #5

The Running Man

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Doctor Palmer is in Doc Samson's office listening to a dream recorded on a reel to reel. The dreamer tells of his massive guilt over the deaths of thousands that he feels responsible for. Thousands that died at the hands of the Hulk. In the dream, the dead ask him "why?", the Hulk, all the different incarnations, accuse him of making the Hulk a murderer. Doc Samson walks in on Palmer. Palmer says he was too intrigued by the tape labeled "Hulk"; he could help himself. Doc Samson is very angry and kicks Doctor Palmer out. He then reveals that the dreamer on the tape was him, Doc Samson, and not Bruce Banner. It's him that feels this immense guilt for what he's helped do to the Hulk and Banner over the years.

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Kevin Maguire
Brad Vancata
Kevin Maguire (Cover Penciler)


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

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Plus: Defenders.

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