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Thor #24: Review

Apr 2022
Donny Cates, Nic Klein

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The Second Son of Asgard

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4.5 stars

Thor #24 Review by (April 27, 2022)

Review: Big epic anniversary issue gathers a number of former Thor writers and artists to mark the milestone. The first story is in many ways the most significant, as it reverses the trend of the previous two decades to paint Odin as a self-centered and clueless oligarch with more flaws than virtues. Herein, the All-Father is painted as a wise and dangerous ruler who actions were always for the good of Thor and Asgard, the Odin of the twentieth century Marvel comics. And then we have Thor reading from the Book of Kings and most of the tale do not involve Odin and it seems unlikely that they would be read at his funeral but it’s just a framing device. Second story “Prologue” is the origin of Beta Ray Bill, as portrayed by the great Walt Simonson, perhaps the greatest of all Thor creators. It’s as good as it should be. “Seduction” gives Thor a lesson in the dangerous nature of power and ably illustrates Thor’s claim in the first story about Odin’s actions. “Benediction” is a talky character piece exposing the heart of Thor, his admiration of the people of Midgard and his deep desire after death. All characterization, no plot but not bad. And that last panel is a bit ominous. “What Comes Next?” is a lead-in to another series and requires a lot more context to follow properly, though Loki, God of Stories, is always fun. “Who Wields Who?” is a tale of sentient Mjolnir and again is a character piece, though counterpointed with a battle sequence; the tale is made much better by the faux-Medieval art of Das Pastoras. And the first tale wraps up with brooding and a lead-in to a future plotline. Nic Klein’s art holds the gritty look he is known for.

Comments: The 750th issue of THOR by the Legacy count, coinciding with his 60th anniversary. Oversized issue. First story: Mourners at Odin’s funeral include Loki, Freyja, Beta Ray Bill, and Balder. Second story: Colors by Laura Martin and Matt Milla. Fourth story: Thor’s casket is shown being delivered to Saturn by Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange. Fifth story: Sets up DEFENDERS: BEYOND #1. Mourners at Odin’s funeral include Sif, Angela, and the Warriors Three.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #24 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Odin has died (end of issue #22) and Thor presides over the funeral, recalling his father as an aggravating taskmaster who was always right; whether Thor acknowledged it at the time or not, it made him a better man who would someday be a better king. And now Thor opens the Book of Kings and reads from it to the assembled mourners….

“Prologue”  5/5
Writer: Walt Simonson. Art: Walt Simonson. Colors: Laura Martin, Matt Milla. Letters: John Workman.
Synopsis: With their galaxy about to explode, the Korbinite military tracks down a vicious animal called the Tuog and captures it, at a loss of several lives. Their plan, called the Beta Project, is to create a hybrid of Korbinite and Tuog, making it the ideal guardian of the race as they seek out a new world to inhabit. The priesthood created the Alpha, an AI deemed insufficient for the task; the High Priest, however, has dispatched the Alpha to destroy the Beta before it is fully awake and thus control the chosen guardian. But the Beta a/k/a Beta Ray Bill kills the Alpha, downloads its data and murders the High Priest, settling down into suspended animation as the fleet sets out on the journey….

“The Seduction” 5/5
Writer: Dan Jurgens. Pencils: Dan Jurgens. Inks: Klaus Jansen. Colors: Matthew Wilson. Letters: Joe Sabino.
Synopsis: After the defeat of Thanos and Mangog, Thor surveys the damage to his friend Recorder 412, planning to use the Gauntlet of Tomorrows to heal him. Odin appears before him and forbids him to use the Gauntlet, the Belt of Power, and the Shield of Life ever again as their use is seductive, draining the noble character of their wielder. Thor is insulted that his nobility can be damaged and refuses to give up the items. He is then attacked by Mangog again and uses the items to overpower the giant monster, intending to kill his opponent. As he is about to deliver the fatal blow, the illusion dissolves and Thor sees that he has been fighting Balder in Odin’s object lesson on the dangers of the magic items. Thor then casts them away and Odin heals the damaged Recorder as Balder and the weapons return to Asgard, leaving Thor with a life lesson….

“Benediction” 4/5
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Art: Olivier Coipel. Colors: Alejandro Sanchez. Letters: Joe Sabino.
Synopsis: An Earth lawyer is escorted to Asgard by Volstagg and ushered into the presence of Thor. The God of Thunder wishes to make a will to prevent chaos from descending on the kingdom after his passing. He names Balder as his successor and outlines a strange bequest: his admiration for the people of Midgard for adapting to the near constant change they experience in contrast to the immortal gods. He also decrees that he shall be buried on Saturn, where the constant sound of storms will accompany his eternal sleep. The lawyer complies, though he is skeptical that he can make the world understand. Thor replies that they will, given what is coming….

“What Comes Next” 3/5
Writer: Al Ewing. Art: Lee Garbett. Colors: Antonio Fabela. Letters: Joe Sabino.
Synopsis: Loki strolls into a space station in the distant past to warn them about…and then he discovers that his companion, Verity Willis, isn’t with him. He has his magic staff take him to Verity in the present and she is relaxing at home, unable to see or hear the “visiting” Loki. He heads to Asgard, only to be surprised that he is attending Odin’s funeral. And he spies his older self at the podium and panics that he has seen his own future. Loki changes into his female form and, realizing that he is now the past, returns to the space station for one final adventure and draws a doorway in the air, inviting them on a Journey into Mystery….

“Who Wields Who?” 4/5
Writer: Jason Aaron. Art: Das Pastoras. Colors: Das Pastoras. Letters: Joe Sabino.
Synopsis: One million years ago, Odin challenged and fought an army of mountain giants without the aid of a suddenly useless Mjolnir. The story is narrated by Mjolnir, the sentient God Tempest, boasting how it is Mjolnir who truly wields the wielder.

“The Second Son of Asgard” concluded 4.5/5
Writer: Donny Cates. Art: Nic Klein. Colors: Matthew Wilson. Letters: Joe Sabino.
Synopsis: At the close of the funeral, Odin’s body is placed in a ship and sent off into space. Thor hold the magic bow and flaming arrow to set the pyre alight but he finds he cannot do it and hands the bow and arrow to Loki, who completes the action. Later, in his room, the reconstructed Mjolnir with the soul of Odin speaks to him, mocking him for failing to take the shot. Thor is enraged and wants to know why his father will not move on to Valhalla and leave him alone. And Odin shows him that Valhalla is gone….

Nic Klein
Nic Klein
Matthew Wilson
Nic Klein (Cover Penciler)
Nic Klein (Cover Inker)
Nic Klein (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.


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(Balder the Brave)

(Loki Laufeyson)


Plus: Verity Willis.

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