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Thor #29: Review

Dec 2022
Torunn Gronbeckk, Nic Klein

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The Legacy of Thanos Part One

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4 stars

Thor #29 Review by (December 14, 2022)

Review: A new story arc with a focus on Thanos, not a regular Thor supporting player, is intriguing as it also involves Thor’s baby sister Laussa and the search of a black Infinity Stone.

Comments: Laussa was born in her older sister’s series ANGELA: ASGARD’S ASSASSIN and later became the center of WAR OF THE REALMS: JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY; she is the daughter of Odin and Freyja but, because of some magical meddling, also the child of Surtur. Runa and Michelle met in JANE FOSTER & THE MIGHTY THOR #1. Runa became leader of the Disir in JANE FOSTER & THE MIGHTY THOR #5. Bor was killed by Thor in THOR #600 in 2009; notwithstanding, he has made a few appearances from beyond the grave since. Issue includes a full-page tribute to Stan Lee for the 100th anniversary of his birth.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #29 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Story continues from THANOS: DEATH NOTES one-shot.

Thor’s young sister Laussa is in a castle in Little Asgard, a part of Broxton, Oklahoma. Corvus Glaive comes to get her, telling her he is taking her to see her mother. They cross various realms until they come to a frozen plain on Niffleheim, where Laussa loses her stuffed toy….

In Asgard, Thor pores over maps, trying to locate where Glaive has taken Laussa as he retraces Thanos’ steps, searching for the Black Infinity Stone; Odin tells him that his father Bor hid the place very well. Sif arrives and suggests that to find the spot, they ask someone who was there….

In Cleveland, Ohio, Runa the Valkyrie is on a wild and exciting date with her new girlfriend Michelle when their romantic moment is interrupted by Thor’s ravens. Thor is on the roof with the Disir who want to eat him until Runa arrives to order them away. Thor asks about the location in Niffleheim and she suggests he avoid it but…

…soon they are crossing the icy wastes of Niffleheim, finding Laussa’s lost toy as they track Corvus Glaive to the site of an ancient battle that ended with a massive explosion. Runa warns him about the next part: they fall through ice, with Thor nearly succumbing to the hypnotic lure of the light shing through the water when Runa draws them through to another place. It is the battlefield with all of the dead frozen where they fell. Runa speaks of Valkyries who moved beyond the field and those who came back were changed. They follow footprints in the snow into a dark cavern where they are attacked by their own shadows made solid. Thor brings down lightning and the flash drives them away….

Ahead of them, Laussa looks into a mirror and sees herself as a grown and powerful lady warrior whereas Corvus Glaive sees himself as a god wearing a gauntlet with the Black Infinity Stone. They come to a giant door and now it is Laussa’s turn to lead the way….

Thor and Runa walk through a cave where warriors are frozen in golden and transparent stone. Then they encounter Bor, Thor’s grandfather, alive and well….

Nic Klein
Nic Klein
Matthew Wilson
Nic Klein (Cover Penciler)
Nic Klein (Cover Inker)
Nic Klein (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Sabino.


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Plus: Bor, Disir, Laussa Odinsdottir (Laussa).

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