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Thor #466: Review

Sep 1993
Ron Marz, Bruce Zick

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Odin's Tale

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4 stars

Thor #466 Review by (February 25, 2023)
This is a tie-in to the Infinity Crusade mini-series. It takes place at the same time as Thor is fighting Drax in Warlock & Infinity Watch #21, which in turn occurs within IC#5.

Sif turns up after unsuccessfully trying to recruit Eric Masterson's help with Thor's madness in Thunderstrike #2-3.
We'll see what happens between her and Pluto and Zeus next issue.
Odin and Balder will be back in the following issue, and the Warriors 3 will join for the conclusion of the upcoming Blood & Thunder crossover in Warlock & Infinity Watch #25 and our #471.

Thor himself and Drax will be in the conclusion to the Crusade in IC#6, and Thor in its epilogue in our next issue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #466 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
This issue happens while Thor is fighting Drax The Destroyer in Warlock & Infinity Watch #21. Several full-page panels depicting the brutal fight are spread through the issue, to contrast with the mainly peace-loving attitude of the young Thor in Odin's story below.

All-Father Odin is hosting a feast in his hall in Asgard, which pleases Volstagg of the Warriors Three greatly. Fellow WT Fandral chides his voluminous companion while Hogun the Grim is concerned about Thor's chair, empty since he left Asgard in #460. Volstagg toasts the absent hero, and Balder asks Odin to tell a tale of his prowess. But Thor's dad instead regales them of a story of his son's youth.

Odin thought it time that Thor went on a wanderjahre to learn about the lands and peoples of Asgard. So the youth mounted his horse and rode off, with orders to be on his best behaviour for he represented the honour of Asgard. He visited the Light Elves of Alfheim and conversed with an Undine in the Sea Of Marmora. He entered Nidavellir of the Dwarves where he beheld the castle Skornheim, fire-blacked by Surtur's demons. Among the roots of Yggdrasil, the World-Tree, he heard the bleating of the goat Heidrun. But it was in the mountains of Vanaheim that the story really starts.

Thor was letting his horse drink from a pool where a Troll was also supping. Said Troll objected to the horse (and Thor)'s presence and claimed the pool belonged to *him*. Mindful of his orders Thor calmly asserted that the water belonged to no-one. Surely the Troll would not begrudge the horse some of it. But Garrg, for such was the Troll's name, just kept repeating that the water was all his. Young Thor mentioned that he was on his way home to Asgard but he was weary and would like to rest here. Garrg replied that if he didn't leave immediately he would eat him and his horse.

He shoved the prince of Asgard, who merely dusted himself off and continued to quietly discuss the matter. Garrg called him a coward but Thor maintained that there was no reason to fight over the water. He reached in to the pool and cupped some in his hand. As he closed his fist over it the liquid just trickled away. Thus he demonstrated that the water defied ownership. The Troll just accused him of trying to confuse him, and punched his head. But the youth held his temper and agreed to leave.

However the Troll now insisted he stay. He couldn't accept that the water wasn't owned by *someone*. If not he or Thor then who. And he wouldn't accept no-one as an answer. Thor reluctantly conceded that the water, like all of Asgard, probably belonged to his father Odin. This makes Garrg angrier, for he has no love for Odin who he believes has been oppressing his people. He spits on the All-Father's name. This is too much for young Thor. He could tolerate the Trolls behaviour towards himself but he'll let no-one speak thus about his father. He draws Mjolnir and prepares to teach Garrg some manners. Which Odin draws a veil over.

Throughout the telling Odin has repeatedly said "Thor is at heart most gentle and wishes no battle", always accompanied by 1 of the scenes of the Thunder God laying into Drax. He finishes by saying that his son is slow to anger but a force to be reckoned with when provoked. But his recent tribulations had left him ill-tempered which is why he was sent on another wanderjahre across the stars in #460. Doubtless he will return at peace with himself again (as *we* see Thor calling the lightning down on Drax).

The final scene is in Olympus where Pluto has persuaded his brother Zeus to personally seek revenge on Thor for the beating he gave Ares in #462. Zeus has donned his war armour and is about to ride his chariot to Asgard. But then Sif arrives via Norn Stones to ask Zeus for help.

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Bruce Zick
Mike DeCarlo
Tom Vincent
Bruce Zick (Cover Penciler)
Mike DeCarlo (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Phil Felix.
Editor: Mike Rockwitz. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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Plus: Pluto (Hades).

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