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Totally Awesome Hulk #5: Review

Apr 2016
Greg Pak, Mike Choi

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The Hulk in the Mirror Part 1

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4 stars

Totally Awesome Hulk #5 Review by (November 11, 2019)

Review: So how different is Chulk from Hulk? Without Bruce Banner’s deep-seated anger issues, quite a bit. Even when Enchantress forces him to look deep into himself, the anger isn’t there. But Hulk can take the wheel of the car at any time so loss of control is a persistent worry.  It’s strange, after all these years, to have a happy Hulk. Greg Pak is one of my favorite Hulk writers, transitioning nicely from the good-natured Doc Green to the downright cheerful Totally Awesome variety. 

Comments: Part one of two parts. Story is a prelude to the “War of the Realms” event a few years away.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Totally Awesome Hulk #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Amadeus Cho recalls his winning of the Brain-Fight competition and almost immediately afterward witnessing the deaths of his parents….

Amadeus then awakens in the Sierra Nevada mountains with no memory of how he got there. His sister Maddy Cho finds him in the flying food truck/HQ and tells him that he Hulked out. They conduct tests on Hulk, including shooting him in the face with rockets, and everything seems normal. Amadeus denies having the anger issues Bruce Banner had while Maddy wonders about the trauma of their parents’ deaths. Amadeus is annoyed and runs off….

Later he finds a pair of coyote pups whose mother has become roadkill and suddenly Amora the Enchantress appears. She offers to make Hulk her king consort but Amadeus tells her he isn’t the hated Hulk but the happy one. So reminds him of his parents’ murder and tries to draw his anger from him; he reveals that he is mainly angry with himself for leading the killers to them. So she devises a better way: rock men rise up out of the Earth and attack the coyote pups—then Hulk takes the wheel and smashes the monsters to pieces. Now he’s ready….

Amadeus wakes up after another blackout as Maddy finds him; he tries to tell her about the Enchantress but they are interrupted by the arrival of Thor (Jane Foster) who wants to face the one Amora calls her champion….

Mike Choi
Mike Choi
Frank Martin
Frank Cho (Cover Penciler)
Frank Cho (Cover Inker)
Sonia Oback (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Mark Paniccia.


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(Amadeus Cho)

(Jane Foster)

Plus: Maddy Cho (Madame Curie Cho).

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