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Captain America #147: Review

Mar 1972
Gary Friedrich, Sal Buscema

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And Behind the Hordes of Hydra…

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3 stars

Captain America #147 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Part three of a four-part story. That’s right: though the mystery villain was seen pressing the destruct button at the end of last issue, here he hasn’t pressed it yet—and never does. The backstory of the complicated relationship between the Kingpin and his son is found in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #83-85.


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Captain America #147 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
The mysterious leader in Harold Howard’s penthouse watches via a remote viewscreen as his Hydra agents engage in battle against Captain America and the Femme Force. As he sees his agents going down in defeat, he reaches for the button that will completely destroy Hydra headquarters and heroes and villains alike. He is interrupted by his wife, who begs him not to press the destruct button, or he will regret it. At Hydra HQ Cap is in a confrontation with the Supreme Hydra, who threatens to throw the switch electrocuting the comatose Sharon Carter. Cap hurls his shield and destroys the controls but not before a shock courses through Sharon’s body. The leader reaches for the destruct switch when he is halted by the sight of Captain America unmasking the Supreme Hydra—it is his son, Richard Fisk. The mystery leader is Wilson Fisk—the Kingpin. Vanessa Fisk explains how, when the Kingpin was institutionalized after his confrontation with Richard in the guise of the Schemer, the latter decided to make his father proud by taking over Hydra and presenting it to him as a gift but without his knowledge of who was behind it. The Kingpin now realizes the truth, but also knows that his son is a failure, allowing himself to be beaten by the women of the Femme Force. Back at Hydra HQ the shock, rather than killing Sharon, has brought her out of her coma. As Val rushes her to a hospital, Cap pursues the fleeing Richard. The bad guy makes it to his rocket craft and flies off but Cap is able to follow with a Femme Force jetpack. Cap trails Richard to Howard’s penthouse where he sees the Fisks together. Cap battles the enormous crimelord and things look dark when suddenly the Falcon (sent by Nick Fury) arrives and together they subdue the Kingpin. Suddenly a blinding light and mysterious voice announce the arrival of the true mastermind behind Hydra, unknown to the duped Kingpin and Richard, who threatens to destroy Las Vegas if Cap does not immediately surrender….

Sal Buscema
John Verpoorten
(Unknown artist)
Gil Kane (Cover Penciler)


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Sam Wilson)

(Wilson Fisk)
Red Skull
Red Skull

(Johann Shmidt)

Plus: Femme Force One, Supreme Hydra (Richard Fisk), Vanessa Fisk.

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