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Hulk #37: Review

Sep 2011
Jeff Parker, Elena Casagrande

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Planet of Fear Part 1

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3 stars

Hulk #37 Review by (November 30, 2022)

Review: Red Hulk has his place in the FEAR ITSELF event and it mainly consisted of being beaten by Thing a/k/a Angrir. The tale has more of a focus on MODOK and his schemes against Rulk than Rulk himself. One revelation, at least to the demi-human MODOK: Red Hulk values his humanity over power; MODOK did not foresee that. The weak link in the issue is the art: Elena Casagrande’s style is too similar to Gabriel Hardman’s, leaving a scratchy, insubstantial style which I think does not suit a Hulk series well. More to come.

Comments: FEAR ITSELF tie-in; story falls between issues #4 and 5 of the main series.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk #37 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

In his underground lair beneath New York City, MODOK Superior muses on his new form and decides to postpone world conquest and concentrate on destroying Red Hulk/Thunderbolt Ross. He modifies himself so that only he controls Zzzax, eliminating the electrical monster’s mental connection to Ross. He is also intrigued at Black Fog, who was detected while spying on Ross….

In Avengers Tower, Jarvis is giving medical care to the wounded Mockingbird when Hawkeye arrives. They are still unaware of much of what is going on in the Serpent’s invasion of Earth. They track the mystery objects which have fallen from the sky and discover that Nazi war machines are attacking Washington D.C. where most of the other Avengers are fighting them. Red Hulk arrives, having been dispatched by Commander Steve Rogers; a skyscraper falls and Rulk leaps over there. On television, Hawkeye and Mockingbird see that Thing has been taken over by a hammer and become Angrir, Breaker of Souls….

Aided by his LMDs, MODOK Superior studies the events on the surface and discovers that the invaders are Nazi war machines led by Sin, Red Skull’s daughter, powered by an Asgardian source. As MODOK watches, Red Hulk attacks Angrir and is seriously beaten. MODOK wonders why Rulk is not using the energy absorption ability that MODOK gave him; he deduces that Ross has learned that using that power would burn out his ability to turn back to Thaddeus Ross, which MODOK did not think would matter to him….

Also watching the duel between the two behemoths is Zero/One in her stealth ship with Jacob Feinman; they see Angrir topple Avengers Tower onto Red Hulk. And now that her enemy is trapped, she dispatches Black Fog to destroy him. MODOK detects this other ship and heads to Red Hulk’s location to witness his end….

Elena Casagrande
Elena Casagrande
Bettie Breitweiser
Carlo Pagulayan (Cover Penciler)
Danny Miki (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire.


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(Clint Barton)

(Edwin Jarvis)
Red Hulk
Red Hulk

(Thunderbolt Ross)

(Ben Grimm)

Plus: Black Fog, Jacob Feinman, MODOK Superior, Zero/One (Parul Kurinji).

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