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Hulk #40: Review

Nov 2011
Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman

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Omegex: Part 2

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4 stars

Hulk #40 Review by (December 21, 2022)

Review: More fighting and more insights into humanity. This issue seems a bit repetitive with both Zero/One and Uravo catching us up on the psychological and existential issues at play behind all of the mayhem and destruction. It’s a necessary reminder of what’s at stake for our characters but it could have been streamlined a bit more. And things become a bit more involved next time.

Comments: Red Hulk punched Uatu the Watcher in the face in issue #4 of this series. Zero/One recounts her origin in issues #25-26. Black Fog next appears in issue #47. Jim Charalampedis contributed to the colors.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk #40 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As downtown Boston has been evacuated, Red Hulk and Omegex are brutally bashing one another when Black Fog joins the fray. The shadowy serial killer and his snakes attack Omegex, sending electric current through it. Red Hulk can’t understand what Black Fog is up to but Omegex returns to battle….

Uravo the Watcher arrives with Annie, explaining the role of Watchers and blaming Uatu for the current situation as he appears to have been present for the activation of the doomsday robot, knowing it could not detect him but it could pick up the trace Red Hulk left behind when he punched Uatu who now appears to have set this up as his revenge. Uravo explains also that Omegex is departing from its usual programming as it registers Red Hulk as a single being; usually, Omegex is usually assigned to destroy an entire species and prefers to implode their planet’s core which he will only do now as a last resort to kill Rulk. Then General Fortean’s forces arrive and rock soldiers are formed out of rubble and Fortean himself appears on the scene in battle armor. Watching the events unfold, Uravo foresees that Red Hulk will die today—but Zero/One shows up to introduce another variable. Zero/One explains she has evolved after her meeting with MODOK and no longer wishes Red Hulk’s death thus she sent Black Fog to protect Rulk. Annie persuades Zero/One to take Rulk out of time, suggesting that Red may have some data that would enable Zero/One to understand herself. So she pulls Red Hulk out of phase to where she waits with Annie and Uravo, leaving Omegex to fight Fortean. After catching Rulk up on matters, Annie suggests Rulk use his energy absorption powers as his best chance of defeating Omegex; he explains that it would risk his being able to return to his Thaddeus Ross form, puzzling Zero/One who can’t understand why he would want to return to a weaker form. Rulk recognizes who Zero/One is and she explains she has evolved beyond her need for vengeance. She takes Red Hulk and vanishes; Annie must explain to Uravo that Zero/One is wondering if she should give up her humanity and needs to understand why Rulk clings to the desire to become human again. Red Hulk and Zero/One visit moments in his past, including his decision to allow the Leader and MODOK to make Thunderbolt Ross into Red Hulk. Rulk keeps bringing Zero/One’s attention back to the battlefield and he finally agrees to use his absorption powers to save Reggie Fortean, his former comrade. She sends him back and Rulk attempts to absorb its energy but he can’t, Omegex is not vulnerable to such an attack, leaving Rulk helpless before his enemy….

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Gabriel Hardman
Gabriel Hardman
Bettie Breitweiser
Gabriel Hardman (Cover Penciler)
Gabriel Hardman (Cover Inker)
Frank Martin (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Red Hulk
Red Hulk

(Thunderbolt Ross)

Plus: Annie, Black Fog, General Fortean (Reginald Fortean), Omegex, Uravo the Watcher, Zero/One (Parul Kurinji).

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