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Incredible Hulk #200: Review

Jun 1976
Len Wein, Sal Buscema

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An Intruder In The Mind

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4 stars



Nobody laughs at Hulk, little men! Nobody!!


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #200 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Image from Incredible Hulk #200
Hulk is the only chance for Glenn Talbot to restore his mind. The plan is to reduce him in size and inject him in Talbot's brain where besides withstanding the violent electrical activity, the mighty monster can find and destroy the mental block causing Talbot's comma-state. One other thing, Hulk wears the Encephalo-Helmet, an experimental device of Doc Samson's creation, that allows Banner to control the Hulk's form.

Using Henry Pym's Micron-Cannon, Hulk is reduced and placed inside the patient's brain. Tracking his every movement, Doc Samson guides the Hulk to his target.

Suddenly, the Hulk suffers a powerful electrical blast that almost knocks him out. And then, he gets hit hard from behind. Hulk is an awe to discover that the Missing Link, the Juggernaut and the Abomination are inside the brain as well! They are actual memories sent by Talbot's subconscious as a self-defense mechanism but strong as the originals. Hulk battles them as well as memories of the Leader, Rhino, Sandman, and the Mandarin. Unfortunately, the helmet causes an unbearable pounding in Hulk's head. In an act of desperation, he removes it, canceling Banner, leaving the brutish Hulk back in control!

Memories of the Silver Surfer, Iron Man, the Sub-Mariner, Hercules, Doc Samson, MODOK, the Harpy and the Gremlin attack next but also turn into vapor after confronting the Hulk's power. Fortunately, Hulk decides to walk the corridors instead of leaping away, which would act like a bullet through Talbot's head. Finally, Hulk is face-to-face with a large ugly monster, representing the mental block he was sent to destroy. The monster tries devouring the Hulk, but he smashes him with a powerful blow. At that moment, Talbot wakes up from his comma with a scream to fall unconscious right after. Doc Samson believes the Hulk has cured Talbot.

Without his helmet, Hulk starts to grow! Doc Samson fires the Micron-Cannon on the Hulk once more to save Talbot. But, it seems the man-monster is reduced to nothingness. As Talbot wakes up in Betty Ross' arms, he learns that those who saved his life are Banner and the Hulk.

Also in this story: Thunderbolt Ross, Clay Quartermain.

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Sal Buscema
Joe Staton
Rich Buckler (Cover Penciler)
John Romita (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Joe Rosen.
Editor: Len Wein.


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Doc Samson
Doc Samson

(Leonard Samson)

(Bruce Banner)
Thunderbolt Ross
Thunderbolt Ross

(Thaddeus Ross)

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