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Incredible Hulks #614: Review

Oct 2010
Greg Pak, Barry Kitson

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Dark Son Chapter Five - Blast Off

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulks #614 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
The Incredible Hulk and his "family" team: The Red She-Hulk, the She-Hulk, Skaar, A-Bomb, and Korg, attack Cape Canaveral, destroying spacecraft. Captain America, the Black Widow, the Beast, Nova, Valkyrie, and Ant-Man fight back. 

After some fighting and lots of destruction, Hulk turns into Bruce Banner to settle things down with Captain America. It's when Skaar uses his Old Power to enable the Sakaarsian spaceship, kept hidden at Cape Canaveral. The Hulk and his team boards it, to fly away into space to confront Hiro-Kala. The heroes let them depart. 

Story #2


Writer: Joshua Williamson. Penciler: Mirco Pierfederici. Inker: Mirco Pierfederici. Colorist: Mirco Pierfederici.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Bruce Banner takes his son Skaar to his New Mexico lab, the one with the vault used to keep the Hulk locked for hours back in the day. Banner intends to keep Skaar locked so he cannot be harmed, neither he can harm anyone. But Skaar uses his Old Power to lock his dad in the vault instead. 

Banner eventually realizes that it is wrong to lock his son; Skaar should come along with him in whatever challenges or adventures that lay ahead. Skaar finally opens up the vault.

Also in this story: A-Bomb, Korg, the She-Hulk, the Red She-Hulk.

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Barry Kitson
Danny Miki
Frank D'Armata
Carlo Pagulayan (Cover Penciler)


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(Hank McCoy)
Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Bruce Banner)
Red She-Hulk
Red She-Hulk

(Betty Ross)

(Jennifer Walters)


Plus: Hildegarde (Hildegarde), Hiro-Kala.

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