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Incredible Hulks #619: Review

Jan 2011
Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier

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Hell Break

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulks #619 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
The Incredible Hulk fights Zom, and the Red She-Hulk the Abomination. But the villains are too strong, plus the Abomination destroys the stone Sakaarian spaceship. 

Riding dragons, Zom and the Abomination take off to Phoenix to get Marlo Chandler Jones, who will allow them to kill people (nobody can die since Death has left this dimension). 

But Bruce Banner outsmarts them, reaching Marlo an hour earlier using the warp drive Skaar and Korg salvaged from the destroyed starship. But the warp drive cannot be used for a second trip.

Since Marlo has a link to Death, she is able to summon dead warriors to aid the Hulks in fighting Zom and the Abomination. She revives Doc Samson, Jarella, Glenn Talbot (the real one), and Hirom the Oldstrong. Brief moments of joyful re-encounters follow.

The villains arrive, but the combined might of the heroes proves sufficient to defeat them. 

Suddenly, Hulk notices that someone else has returned from the dead: His very own mother, Rebecca Banner! As the Hulk holds her in his great hands, another dead person appears from behind. It is Brian Banner, Bruce's dad, who killed Rebecca. Brian turns into a gigantic Hulk monster, grabs Rebecca, and smashes the Hulk to the ground.

Story #2

Daddy Issues

Writer: Tim Seeley. Penciler: Andres Guinaldo Isabel. Colorist: Soto Color.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Lyra, the daughter of the Incredible Hulk from a possible distant future, is a very skilful fighter. Yet she loses her concentration when her opponent is smart enough to use clever talk that attack her weak spots. Lyra then becomes easier to defeat. And although she is a "Hulk", the angrier she gets, the weaker she gets.

Bruce Banner isn't interested in her fighting abilities. He sees past that. Lyra needs guidance. Since he's her father, they meet to talk like father to daughter. Lyra explains him that she does not want, or miss, a father. Where she's from, men are hated. She acknowledges that the Hulk is her father, yet such has made her target of criticism by her peers. She's better off alone.

Bruce understands her, and gives Lyra back her space. And realizes Lyra can find in her "aunt", the She-Hulk (AKA Jen Walters), the adult guidance she needs.

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Paul Pelletier
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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)
Doc Samson
Doc Samson

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Plus: Brian Banner, Zom.

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