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Incredible Hulks #617: Review

Nov 2010
Greg Pak, Barry Kitson

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Dark Son Conclusion - Fratricide

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4.5 stars


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Incredible Hulks #617 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Hiro-Kala fights his brother Skaar, and the planet K'ai is breaking appart as a result. Hundreds of K'aitians are killed. Hiro does not seem to care. But his father, Bruce Banner, does. He puts his mind to use helping the Worldmind heal the Zombies, turning them back into normal beings. When this happens, Betty Ross embraces and kisses Bruce with love.

Meanwhile, Hiro is still loose, destroying. A-Bomb and Korg are able to reactivate the volcanic eruption which moves the planet K'ai from its trajectory, missing (and saving) the Earth from a catrastophic impact.

Skaar tries to reason with his evil brother speaking about their mother Caiera, and how he can change to stop being a monster. But Hiro seems to be a lost case. So Skaar uses his Old Power to trap him into unbreakable stone, and the Worldmind absorbs Hiro in itself, trapping him as a part of the planet, to use his energy to warm the planet. 

With the villain defeated, Banner, Skaar, and the Hulks leave K'ai in the Sakaarian spaceship. Betty Ross runs toward the Hulk with joy because he just saved "everyone". But the Hulk knows "everyone" does not include his son Hiro, and screams back to her. She turns into the Red She-Hulk, and leaves her former husband alone. But she gets it: Some people are meant to be left alone, like Hiro, and the Incredible Hulk.

Story #2


Writer: Greg Pak. Penciler: Victor Drujiniu. Inker: Sandu Florea. Colorist: Aron Lusen.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Amadeus Cho and Bruce Banner look for each other; each one is requesting the help of the other. 

Bruce offers his help first by turning into the Hulk and defeating a herd of Centaurs who escaped from a celestial prison to steal beer from a factory. 

Banner then asks Amadeus what should be done about his family of Hulks, now on the loose. Amadeus replies that he won't betray them, he could only help them. But the Hulk believes they should be taken down. And he leaps away.

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Barry Kitson
Barry Kitson
M & E Milla, Inc.
Carlo Pagulayan (Cover Penciler)
Letterer: Simon Bowland.


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)

Plus: Centaur, Hiro-Kala.

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