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Incredible Hulk #43: Review

Sep 2002
Bruce Jones, Lee Weeks

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The Beast Within

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #43 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Pratt explains Banner that he belongs to a world wide organization that, among other things, does experiments on humans using synthesized Hulk's blood. They want to create new Hulks. But the synthesized blood causes the death of the "patients". So they needed real Hulk's blood to study it, and try solving the problem. Banner is now useless to Pratt, so he decides to shoot him. Far and hidden, Sally Ryker is holding a rifle aiming at Pratt. She listens to everything Pratt says, since the microphone Pratt put on her, is now with Banner. She hesitates to shoot, until she pulls the trigger. The bullet only scratches Pratt, and ends up in Bruce's mouth. Banner stops the bullet with his teeth, and turns into the Hulk. Pratt crashes onto Sally's car, and gets out. Hulk tries to grab him, but Pratt has Sally hanging from the cliff. If Hulk tries anything, Pratt will let her go. Sally grabs a syringe from Pratt's coat, and sticks it in Pratt's chest. Pratt lets her fall, and starts growing, taking a monstruos form. The ugly transformation ends up in a blast of flesh. Sally was able to grab herself from a rock, but she slips from it. Bruce saves her life by holding her with one arm, and lifting her to the road. Bruce walks away, and Sally remains at the scene.

Lee Weeks
Tom Palmer
Kaare Andrews (Cover Penciler)

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