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Incredible Hulk Annual #11: Review

Oct 1982
Bill Mantlo, Rich Buckler

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The Day The Earth Turned Green!

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk Annual #11 Synopsis by Rich Cincinelli
Our story opens with Dr. Bruce Banner strapped securely, it seems by his own design, to a chair showing himself images of New York and water (under bridges, in water tunnels and fountains). Suddenly an excited assistant, Rikky Keegan, followed by a horde of all too familiar pink Humanoids surge into the room. Banner exclaims that he's trying to save the world from "him" while assistant Rikky makes an attempt to soothe Banner albeit it too late: The Hulk has arrived!

Between Rikky's fumbled attempts to calm Banner and the Hulk and the mass of "funny men" surrounding him, the man beast begins a rampage. After a few moments of mayhem "He" reveals himself to be, who else, the Leader! As the Hulk goes to strike his nemesis, he is assaulted by the "memories" implanted by Banner and declares he must go to the place he sees in the pictures. The Hulk crashes out of the Leader's mobile OMNIVAC base and finds himself plunging towards Earth.

Days later, an epidemic begin to spread among the population of New York with the victims turning green, no one seems immune to the plague with civilians and heroes alike turning green. Guest stars galore work towards finding a cure for the mystery disease while the Hulk encounters Spider-Man. They trade blows while Parker makes an effort to get a sample of Hulk's blood until he too, falls victim to the green plague.

Spidey and the Hulk scuffle attract the attention of the Avengers who launch in pursuit of the Hulk who is in search of the water he sees in his head. Through a series of flash-backs we see how the Leader has duped Rikky into helping him create the Green Plague with Banner's blood, all the while Rikky thinking she was helping the Leader cure Banner, and witness as she too succumbs to the plague only to transform into a female version of the Leader.

The Avengers engage the Hulk even as more of their ranks fall to the green flu, following ol' Jade Jaws to a pumping station. The heroes catch on to the Hulk's purposeful rampage and begin to help him destroy the machinery responsible for the flu and battle a horde of Humanoids. At that moment Rikky begins to cause havoc aboard OMNIVAC with her new found powers, halting the Humanoids, then transports herself and the Leader (telekineticaly) to the pumps where the Hulk and the Avengers are still regaining their wits. The Leader shoots Rikky (with a Green Plague antidote bullet). This enrages the Hulk who attacks the Leader; the pair fall into the surging waters of the destroyed pumps. Captain America and the rest of the Avengers leave the scene singing the praises of Banner's alter ego who saved them from the Green Plague.

Rich Buckler
Joe Sinnott
Al Milgrom (Cover Penciler)


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