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Incredible Hulk Annual #12: Review

Aug 1983
Bill Mantlo, Herb Trimpe

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Amazing Grace

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5 stars

Incredible Hulk Annual #12 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Some of Herb Trimpes best Hulk artwork ever! Bonus Brent Anderson pinup of what appears to be a rejected cover. ~ Peter Kowalchick. - - - The Hulk asks the Red priests: "Why do you hate each other? You've different colors, different faiths... But you're still human! Why can't you learn to live together?" The Planet Hulk saga (2006-2007) has many similarities with this story. ~ Julio


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk Annual #12 Synopsis by Peter Kowalchick
Bruce Banner sits at a large telescope inspecting the stars and contemplating how he now has his mind in the body of the Hulk. The Gamma Scope, designed to detect gamma radiation in space, detects a green beam from which a green skinned female descends. She is pursued by a large white spaceship populated by red skinned soldiers with their faces covered and energy staffs. Banner turns into the Hulk in order to aid the girl but is apprehended with her by a red beam from the spaceship.

The ship returns to its planet, called Cygnet VII. As it descends it is heralded by a large throng of red skinned people, who call the ship the Cathedral Ship and the soldiers Prophet-Priests. The Hulk and the green female are prisoners being exposed to the abuse of the crowd. She tells the Hulk that she is a priestess named K'rel and that her green race is subject to religious persecution by the the reds and that her religion talks of a champion who will save her people. The pair are then taken briefly before 3 high priests of the red skinned race who have the Hulk knocked out and brought to prison, where the Hulk quickly breaks the bars before being subdued once again. The Hulk and K'rel are transported to a gladiator arena where they first must fight some red Prophet Priests and then a pack of beasts called Draggoths, (think a cross between a lion and a brown dog). The Hulk defeats them quickly and is herded to a torture chamber and put on the laser rack. He withstands the torture for a bit and breaks free, destroying the machine in the process. He breaks into the jail freeing the green skinned prisoners. The red Prophet Priests and the greens begin to fight when the Hulk takes apart a giant pillar and first rams, then swats the oncoming horde of reds. The Hulk leads the greens to the palace of the reds where they confront the leader of the reds. The Hulk defeats him easily and liberates his new green skinned friends. The Hulk is a hero and is given a large spaceship to return to Earth. As he leaves he admonishes K'rel to teach her people mercy towards the reds.

Upon returning to Earth, the Hulk uses the telescope to view Cygnet VII. He finds that the roles have reversed: The Reds are now being tortured and slaughtered by the Greens. The Hulk weeps as the story closes.

Herb Trimpe
Herb Trimpe
Bob Sharen
Brent Anderson (Cover Penciler)


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